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100% waterproof
wall panels and flooring.


suitable for renovation
and new builds.

We are the  Official Resellers for the masq brand

wall panels.

— can even be installed
in the shower.

Masq panels are 100% waterproof and water resistant when correctly installed in accordance with the installation instructions due to their unique combination of PVC, a high-quality top coat and the tongue and groove installation.


robust. strong. durable.
— just as strong
as a ceramic tile.

Masq means quality. Although the panels only have a thickness of 5 mm, they are just as strong as ceramic tiles. They can also be placed on top of an existing cladding. They are therefore ideal for both a new build and renovation work.

unique tongue
and groove system.
— easy to install over
existing coverings.

A fresh look for your project? It is possible! Even without tearing down existing tiles. With the panels of Masq you reveal the potential of every room with surprising finesse and a high level of finishing.

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a warm look
for every project.
— for every style.

Get the most of your interior in a minimum of time with Masq. The sand, stone and wood structure of our panels do not just offer the warm look of natural
materials, they also feel like them. This is the key to get an end result in which every detail is right.

A versatile collection.
— Discover Masq wall and Masq floor.

The collection consists of three sizes: tiles, XL panels and boards.
They share the elegant V-groove that gives them a realistic and unique look and feel. The tiles and XL panels can be easily combined. Choose the size that fits in with your concept or mix the different sizes for a look that will continue to captivate.

wall panels.


Masq wall

Transform a floor in no time. And with the same strengths and qualities of Masq wall.



Masq floor

Construction Materials

Masq wall

Masq floor

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